Course syllabus


Examiner and contact: Fredrik Jansson

The first lecture is given by Hillevi Gavel. The rest of the course is taught by Fredrik Jansson.

The sessions consist of lectures, Q&A, and presentations and discussions by the students. Only about 40 hours are scheduled. Apart from active participation in the sessions, you are expected to spend on the order of 160 hours on course work.

Schedule | Time plan


All literature for this course was written by Kimmo Eriksson and Hillevi Gavel.

  • For Swedish speakers:
    • Diskret matematik, fördjupning (ch. 1–2, 4–7, 9)
  • All other students:
    • More Discrete Mathematics (same chapters, translation as compendium sold at Studenttorget)
  • Discrete Mathematics and Discrete Models, chapter 8: Relations
  • More Discrete Mathematics, chapter 10: Game theory

Course plan


Oral exam, 3 hp


  • Five concepts
  • Five exercises


  • 3: 5 correct answers, at least 2 of each type
  • 4: 7 correct answers, at least 3 of each type
  • 5: 9 correct answers, at least 4 of each type (follows from the pigeonhole principle)

Exercises, 4.5 hp

The final grade can be adjusted one step up or down from the oral exam depending on the quality of the work in the assignments below. Written assignments are to be written on a computer.


Prepare solutions to two exercises from the exercises column in the time plan and from each chapter to present to the class. Be active in discussions of the presented solutions.

Those who are not prepared or are absent during presentations need to hand in written solutions and comment on another student’s solutions.

All students need to present orally at least once during the course.

Individual assignment

Solve a star-marked exercise from the column IA in the time plan from at least five chapters and hand in a written report.

Team assignment

Solve a sufficiently advanced project exercise (approved by the teacher) from the book in a small group, and hand in a written report and give an oral presentation.

Course summary:

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