7 Reasons Why Rabbit Sales Skyrocketed Worldwide Causing Demand for Rabbit Meat to Surpassed Supply and How to Sustain Low Rabbit Meat Price Moving Forward

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For all stakeholders in the Rabbit Meat Farming and Production industry, it is a known fact that there has been an ever-increasing demand for rabbit meat as consumer behavior worldwide has shifted to desire healthier options for their protein sources.

In recent years, as the rate of occurrence of cancer and heart disease continue to spike, meat lovers who love their lives have been left with no choice but to divert their cravings away from pork and beef to more lean, white, and healthier alternatives such as Rabbit Meat.

Fat and Cholesterols have been identified by many in the medical community as being among the major culprits for these diseases. And since Meat Rabbits among many other companions contains a minimal amount of these disease-causing agents, it has become the new gold for meat lovers.

This so-called “new gold rush” has caused the demand and sales of rabbits and their meat to soar causing production and supply to fall behind.

However, the point is that Meat Rabbit Business and farming is not anything new.

Take Ghana for example; as far as 1960, the very first president after independent Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's government initiated and funded programs whose aim was to boost rabbit meat production. Offering it as an alternative to the already meats choices and using it to provide employment or easy to set up and run farming enterprises for the Ghanaian populace.

But its rise in popularity in recent years has become a cause for both joy and concern. And these are the interesting reasons why rabbit business sales skyrocketed worldwide causing demand for rabbit meat to surpassed supply.

1. Demand for Rabbit Meat – Healthiest Meat in the World, Supply Struggling to catch up

Rabbit meat because of its low bone to meat ratio, low cholesterol level, and other reasons is known to be among the healthiest meat in the world.

In our case study, "do you have Rabbits for sale in Ghana" have become a question meat seller have come to accept as part of their customers' language as they have found themselves answering this every single day.

With those answering no, seeing a drop in their daily revenue and sellers whose answer is yes are thankful for the increase in the revenue and profit.

In as much as this increasing demand is something to rejoice over, it has logically placed a tremendous strain on supply causing meat rabbit prices to rise in certain regions as more customers struggle to obtain the little available.

Supply is struggling to catch up with demand because at first, meat rabbit farmers who produced the rabbit meat thought it just a temporary peak and hesitated to increase their production rate or output.

However, as these higher demands have persisted for several months, and in some other countries years, rabbit breeders and farmers have come to realize that it is a permanent change fueled by a significant change in customers' behavior and attitude towards healthy, lean white meat.

2. Adoption of Automation Technology in Meat Rabbit Farming Business

Adopting automation technologies in Rabbit Meat farming then became necessary and no longer a luxury for both small and large scale rabbit farmers in Ghana. This move was to ensure that everyone could rapidly boost their meat rabbit output both in breeding meat rabbits and in processing rabbit meat market.

This adopting of automation technology in rabbit feed serving, in industrial rabbit drinking systems, industrial rabbit cages and so on guarantees a more efficient rabbit meat production line.

3. Short Gestation and Larger Batch of Meat Rabbit

With all said and done, the ultimate question is, can rabbit meat farmers realistically keep up with demand?

And Yes is the unsurprising answer.

When you consider the very short gestation period for rabbits and the very large number of baby rabbits in each batch, you will understand why this can be easily achieved.

Bunnies for sale on a commercial level can give birth at least 6 times a year. Conceiving and giving birth in one month, while breastfeeding for 3 – 4 weeks later. Each batch can contain anything between 4 to 12 babies with the average being 6 babies bunnies.

With these favorable numbers, it no surprise that along with automation technology being adopted in Ghana rabbit farming, supply can quickly rise to meet the new demand level.

 4. Internet Research Boost in Rabbit Meat Sales 

Another contributor to this boost in sales and demand is the vast wealth of knowledge available through performing a little internet research on the benefit of rabbit meat.

While in the past, people needed to depend on doctors, nutritionists, ads, and TV programs to discover the best meat for their health or to learn more about meat rabbits, now anyone anywhere with an internet connection and a mobile phone can get any answer they need almost immediately.

Internet platforms dedicated to pet and animal business such as  dogs for sale, dog food, dog house, dog training on AnimalPetPalace.comLinks to an external site. makes this possible. On such websites, you can find a wealth of knowledge about animals, rabbit meat, etc making it easy for the public to access the information they need to educate themselves.

5. Internet Marketing and Sales Boosted Meat Rabbit Sales Numbers

Even before 2020, the main year of Covid-19, the internet had already begun to play a prominent role in promoting the benefits and sales of meat rabbits.

The masses began to return to rabbit roots, as in the hunting days, as a source of meat needs as in the days of old; and not just for their cuteness and reputation as adorable pets.

Through food and animal-focused websites, classified ads, social media, etc, the rabbit meat business began to find its followers online and formed communities on the web.

As a rabbit pet owner, rabbit meat-lover, or rabbit breeder, if you are looking to buy rabbit feed, rabbit cage, rabbit foods, meat rabbits in Ghana, https://animalpetpalace.com/Links to an external site. has got you covered. This is how easy it is to now request and access meat rabbits worldwide.

6. Education Leading Meat Rabbit Supply to Meet Demand

Although all the factors discussed above are necessary, a major criterion required to sustain the supply at the level to meet the new demand for rabbit meat is to educate new entrants on effective and efficient methodologies in Meat Rabbit Breeding, Farming, Raising, and Business as a whole.

Encouraging, subsidizing, and facilitating the adoption of automation technology in the meat rabbit farming business through mass and public education as well as through informal and formal academic settings will go a long way to assure sustainability of supply meeting demand.

On their part, Animal Pet Palace a major stakeholder in meat rabbit for sale in ghana has partnered with DevWorld Tech Academy (DWTA) best IT school in ghana with ipmc courses and niit coursesLinks to an external site. to offer courses on automation and the internet of thing (IoT) that are applicable in the commercial meat rabbit farming business.

7. Import of Breeding Stock and Export of Meat Rabbits

The goal is to feed the world’s taste for healthy meat that rabbits provide. No man is an island and co-operation has always been the hallmark for business and economic growth throughout human civilization.

Hence, other steps being taken, in addition to all stated above, to sustain supply that can meet the new rabbit meat business demand is to harness the power of importation and exportation.

As with every animal, there is always the best breed for a particular purpose and so is in meat rabbit production. There are best meat rabbit breeds such as New Zealand White and California White, that make the meat rabbit farming business more profitable and effective.

 Regions without great meat rabbit breed should import breeding stock from countries where they are readily available. While regions with excess supply for their local market should be encouraged to export their surplus as other countries build up their own production; this is to ensure a fairly low constant price for rabbit meat around the world.

In conclusion,

When all is said and done, these are the seven reasons why meat rabbit business sales skyrocketed worldwide causing demand for rabbit Meat to surpassed supply and how to sustain low rabbit meat price.

Maintaining a low production cost and low sales price will strengthen the rabbit meat industry making it more sustainable for people of all income brackets; thereby making rabbit meat a more assured staple meat for the lunch and dinner tables.

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