Things to know before using VPS service

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With shared hosting, you do not have root access to the server, but with the use of VPS, the entire virtual server will be handed over to you. That's why you will need someone to manage the server.

Once you've decided to switch to virtual hosting, the following things should be kept in mind before choosing to rent a VPS virtual server in

Factor 1: Is VPS managed or not?

With shared hosting, you do not have root access to the server, but with the use of VPS, the entire virtual server will be handed over to you. That's why you will need someone to manage the server. If you are a manager, you should always make sure that your server will be up and running vigorously and continuously. If the server software is faulty, or problems with system penetration security, you must deal with the problem directly. Therefore, if you are knowledgeable about how VPS servers work and work, you do not need to buy additional admin services or hire more people to manage. If not, please take the time to invest a little more.

Please find out the price policy in advance as well as the offers of the supplier before deciding to rent / buy the product. Because the price range for VPS comes with management services, there will be fluctuations between providers and criteria will also vary between service packages.

Factor 2: Windows or Linux

One thing that you need to keep in mind is the server's operating system. In which Windows and Linux are two popular operating systems of VPS server type. Linux is open source and cheaper than Windows. Servers on Linux platforms are also flexible and support a wider range of applications. So Linux is a good choice in most cases. However, there are still some better supported apps available on Windows. So if you intend to install or use those applications you should choose to use VPS on Windows platforms.

Factor 3: Server configuration

The configuration of the server plays an important role in affecting the speed of your website or application. How much RAM will be used, which processor should be chosen, how much hard drive will be used… all of these factors matter. One thing you need to know is that leveling a VPS is extremely difficult and one thing especially, the server has more powerful hardware, more modern CPU ... does not mean your VPS will run faster. Depending on your provider's resource sharing policy, you should pay attention to redundancy, CPU core count, and the maximum speed allocated (in GHz).

Element 4: Redundancy and expansion

Redundancy is understood as having a reserved resource available, especially in the data center. If a power failure occurs, the generator and UPS system should be prepared, if the ISP's service is interrupted, some alternative solutions should be prepared, if the server is overloaded then other servers should be prepared… in case the traffic spikes on the server. These two factors together will contribute to make the system performance more stable, avoiding web crashes.

Factor 5: Allowable bandwidth

Most VPS service providers impose a certain amount of bandwidth on your server, if you want more, you have to pay. If you choose a VPS web hosting, make sure you do not pay too much money while the basic service package has met the demand.

Factor 6: Customer support

Even though you rent a VPS server is the best and the performance is very stable, during the time you use it, some small problems will happen. In such situations, you will need the assistance of your supplier to solve the problem. If they cannot provide 24/7 assistance, this is a huge danger to you. Imagine, if your server has a bit of an inoperable problem that makes your website inaccessible, but waits for a long time without a provider coming to handle it, you will lose many potential customers. It's a good idea to check with your carrier's customer support team before deciding whether to pay them or not.

Service Provider Customer Support

Choosing a virtual server with the best features, but if your service provider is not reputable and does not support customers 24/7, you still have to face problems when going into operation. The long use time will create many problems, then, the support and support of the provider is extremely important.

In the Vietnamese market, Viettel IDC is the leading provider of virtual server services. Currently, Viettel IDC has officially replaced regular VPS service with Cloudd Server service. Cloud Server Viettel IDC system completely overcomes the weaknesses of conventional VPS services.

Cloud Server service of Viettel IDC with full Cloud service ecosystem, automatic management system, flexible and optimal resource expansion according to usage needs, with many options for backup and security.

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