What is the methodology? Meaning of scientific research methodology

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Methodology is a common concept in scientific research. However, many of you still do not fully grasp the conceptual nature as well as the significance of scientific research methodology. Let's find out through this article.

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Concept Methodology

Methodology (or theory of method) in custom essays is the system of theoretical basis for the research method. Including principles and views derived from a certain theory or system of reasoning, to guide the search, development, selection and application of methods as well as in scoping, the ability to apply those methods tailored to your goals, for maximum efficiency. For example: if you want to know about the experience of buying food in the United States, you will use the phenomenological methodology (which studies the essences of a particular phenomenon) and from which you can choose the most effective method from different methods for collecting this data. From there, you can do a contextual shopping survey with the participants; you could also interview a small number of participants and have them recount their most recent grocery shopping experiences. Besides that you could choose to do the survey and ask the same questions for hundreds of participants. Because the contextual investigation brings the researcher closer to the actual context, the results may be considered more robust and more transferable in the future.

Some methodological examples:



Grounded Theory Method

Classification methodology

Methodologies are classified according to levels and divided into two main categories:

General methodology (in which it is divided into 2 levels):

Most general methodology: The most general methodology generalizes the most common principles and views. It is the basis for defining general methodology and industry methodology.

General methodology: Used to determine the methodology or methodology of a group of disciplines with a common research object.

Subject methodology (branch): is the methodology used for specific sciences (such as philosophy, literature, audit)

Meaning of scientific research methodology

In scientific research, methodology is an extremely important part. Because the nature of scientific research is always creative and has no limits in development. The completion of scientific research methodology will be the basis and premise to help scientists and experts in the fields find new approaches, find new research methods, and then determine the direction in the process of researching a work, a scientific research topic. Bring valuable knowledge to theory and practice to help raise world awareness and reform the world.

Scientific research methodology is a tool to help scientists, managers and creative practitioners to clarify the nature and activity of scientific research because it is the result of the generalization process. Theory and practice of scientific research. Not only that, the methodology is also meaningful for researchers because it shows creative thinking mechanisms in their perception as well as their creative practice skills.

7 Principles to grasp in building a business strategy

  • Competition for differentiation: Many managers believe that in order to succeed, enterprises need to mobilize "total force" to "imitate" every move of the strongest competitor in the industry to surpass them. In fact, the business doesn't have to be the best, instead, focus on different values ​​for success.
  • Competition for profit: Profit is an important indicator for the survival and development of a business. So every business strategy should have a clear goal of how much profit you will make.
  • Market understanding: Each market will have its own characteristics and characteristics. Knowing the market and competitors will help businesses develop strategic thinking to make the most effective business strategies.
  • Identify your target customer portrayal: It is a fact that you cannot sell your service or product to everyone. Because of that, you need to identify potential customers to satisfy their needs.
  • Learn how to say NO: Making a decision is important in building a business strategy when it comes to what to do and what not to do. Such as: Products or services you should not provide; customer file you serve, not serve.
  • Change at the right time: Enterprises need to be sensitive to new trends and "not afraid" to change to develop.
  • Knowledge system


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